Poster Presentations / Paper Submission


The poster/paper review process is finished and all authors have been informed about acceptance/rejection of their contributions to RehabWeek. The four conferences have accepted a total of 569 poster presentations. We would like to thank all authors for their efforts in helping to make RehabWeek a great and very interactive event! We also want to thank all the numerous reviewers for their time and expertise!

Please find the poster presentation list below. Authors, please note that space between posters is limited and hence we set up the schedule so no two neighboring posters are presented at the same time. This should allow enough room for you to interact and discuss your posters with you audience. While you are welcome to stand in front of your posters at times other than those indicated, we kindly ask you to respect your neighbor’s poster schedule and to always give priority to those presenters who are scheduled for the respective session.

Please click here to view the poster list.

Poster Guidelines

The common RehabWeek poster guidelines are as follows:

  • Posters must be A0 size (84.1x118.9 cm or 33.1x46.8 inches), portrait format.
  • The logo of the conference (INRS, BSRM, ICORR or IFESS) must be placed on the right top corner of the poster.
  • Setup time starts at 8.00 am on Monday July 17th. All posters have to be set up at the latest by 8.30 am on Tuesday, July 18th.

Poster presenters, please make sure that in addition you follow all guidelines that individual conferences might have added to these common guidelines. You were either informed of such additional guidelines by email or you can find them on the individual conferences’ websites. Poster presenters are responsibly to stay informed about the requirements and deadlines to which they have to adhere! If you are unsure, please check with your individual conference’s scientific committee.

RehabWeek poster award

The best 60 poster submissions have been pre-selected for the RehabWeek poster award. Those authors were informed and are expected to present their poster during the poster fast forward sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday morning as indicated below. Individuals not present at their poster during the official poster viewing and judging session on Wednesday, July 19th from 14.30 to 15.15 or those unable to present their poster during the fast forward session will automatically be disqualified from the poster competition.

Fast-forward Guidelines

The poster fast forward guidelines are as follows:

  • Fast forward sessions are scheduled on Tuesday at 9.45 and on Wednesday at 9.30. 
  • Poster Presentation Time is 60 seconds: slide will disappear and presenter sent away 
  • 1 slide allowed, format PPT landscape, no template will be provided
  • No animations, no movies embedded
  • Poster number on top left corner
  • Conference logo on the top right corner
  • Slide needs to be submitted by June 30th to Kenes (email:; if somebody has not submitted their slide, they will be excluded from the poster fast forward session and award
  • Kenes will get in contact with the authors if there are any technical problems
  • Judging sheet (empty) will be shared with authors so they know what judges are looking for

RehabWeek poster award nominees MUST be present at their posters on Wednesday afternoon from 14.30 to 15.15, in order to be able to respond to questions and discuss the content of their posters with the poster judges. Individuals not present during this time will automatically be disqualified from the poster competition.

Please click here to view the Poster Fast Forward presentation list (FF).

The poster awards are sponsored by:

1st Prize: 500 £;  

2nd Prize: 300 £;  tecnalia_logo.png

3rd Prize: 200 £;  Motek-Logo-A4-RGB.png

We are looking forward to seeing you in London in July!


The British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine was delighted with the number of submissions for RehabWeek and wishes to thank all those on the adjudicating panel who each had 50 or more abstracts to assess, (even after a division of labour!).  The willingness of the panel to give freely of their time and expertise (in addition to their ‘day-jobs’),  is very much appreciated by the BSRM and will contribute to the success of RehabWeek 2017.  We wish to acknowledge our gratitude to all those involved. 

INRS Thank you!

The INRS organization committee would like to express our thanks to the below abstract reviewers. We truly appreciate their expertise and their time and efforts in helping to make the INRS a great conference!

Marc Bolliger
Jaap Burke
Karen Chua
Gery Colombo
Roberto Colombo
Jamie E. Duarte
Sean Dukelow
Christopher Easthope Schmidt
Alberto Esquenazi
Johannes Gijsbers
Joachim Hemsdörfer
Michèle Hubli
Dale Hull
Andrew Jackson
Arun Jayaraman
Verena Klamroth-Marganska
Jan Kool
Rob Labruyère
Ilse Lamers
Lars Luenenburger
Francesca Lunardini
Serena Maggioni
Andreas Mayr 
Clemens Müller
Selma Papegaaij
Carolyn Patten
Gerdienke Prange
Tamsin Reed
David Reinkensmeyer
Helen Rodgers
Philipp Rowe
Thomas Schauer
Martina R. Spiess
Frans Steenbrink
Arno Stienen
Huub van Hedel
Seng Kwee Wee
Nicole Wenderoth
Markus Wirz

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